Publishing company: Hôtel Brittany
Company: SAS Hôtel Brittany
Legal status: SAS
Registered office: 3, Rue Saint-Lazare - 75009 PARIS
SIRET: 542 041 835 00019
Share capital: €17,756.00
RCS : 542 041 835
Intracommunity VAT: FR57542041835
Tel: +33 (0)1 48 78 44 50
Director of publication, legal representative: Antoine ARVIS


Webmaster/Web site creation: MMCréation
Company: MMCréation
Legal status: Limited liability company (SARL)
Registered office: 32 avenue de Wagram - 75008 Paris
SIRET: 339 237 992 00047
Share capital: €38,112.00
RCS: 339 237 992 R.C.S. PARIS
Intracommunity VAT: FR 76 339 237 992
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Intellectual property

The Site as a whole, as well as each of its components (in particular, texts, diagrams, tree structures, software, animations, images, photographs, illustrations, videos, graphic or editorial representations, logos, etc.) constitute intellectual works protected by the French Intellectual Property Code as well as by any other applicable international legislation.

Hotel Brittany is the only one entitled (directly or through licences or authorisations) to use the elements making up the Site, the domain names, trademarks, models, etc., as well as the images and editorial content reproduced therein.

The use of all or part of the Site, in particular by downloading, reproduction, transmission, representation or dissemination for purposes other than consultation and use of the Site on a personal and private basis by the Internet user for non-commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. Violation of these provisions exposes its author to the penalties provided for both by the Intellectual Property Code, particularly with regard to copyright infringement and trademark rights, and by the Civil Code with regard to civil liability.

The creation of any hypertext link to any of the web pages or elements making up the Site is prohibited without prior written authorisation from Hôtel Brittany, which authorisation may be revoked at any time. Any content, Internet site or other site with a hypertext link to the Site or to any of its components is not under the control of Hôtel Brittany, which consequently declines all responsibility (in particular, editorial responsibility) concerning access to these sites and their content.


Availability of the site

Hôtel Brittany shall make every effort to keep the Site permanently accessible, but is under no obligation to do so. Hôtel Brittany may therefore interrupt access to the Site, in particular for maintenance or updating purposes, or for any other reason, in particular technical or editorial, without prior notice or information to Internet users, and Hôtel Brittany may not be held liable for the consequences of such interruptions, either to Internet users or to any third party.

Furthermore, Hôtel Brittany shall not be held liable if Internet users are unable to access all or part of the Site due to any technical fault or problem, in particular and not exclusively linked to :

  • a failure and/or congestion of the Internet network,
  • a failure of the Internet access providers,
  • human or electrical error,
  • any malicious intervention,
  • any software or hardware malfunction,
  • a case of force majeure.

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